Saturday, October 24th, 2009

posted Oct 10, 2009, 10:50 AM by Lucas Hardbarger   [ updated Oct 14, 2009, 10:41 AM ]
Calling all party goers! It's that time again!! Jennifer and I are hosting our annual bonfire party on Saturday, October 24th out here in the sticks.

We had a blast last year with a record attendance. The light freezing-drizzle didn't stop us from having fun, and instead kept most of us close to the 15 ft raging bonfire. This years' event is expected to bigger and better. To put in into perspective, I cut down two huge trees since last years event and all of the brush from those projects has been stacked and is ready to be lit. We're hoping for some warmer temperatures, but dress appropriately. The the party will go on no matter what mother nature decides to do... after all, she's invited too. :P

Here is a picture of how small last years flame was. :)

Food & Beverages

We're asking that you please bring something. There will be lots of table space to store whatever you want to bring. This year we would like to welcome a pot-luck style food variety. Last year, random people brought lots of yummy food (some hot, some cold) and it was a big hit by all.

We had great success with last year's party without purchasing a keg, and minimal food. We're going to approach it the same way this year. I would also like to suggest a "wine" oriented party if you feel adventurouse. A few people brought out some very good wines last year, and I could definitely get used to that. Know that if you do put your wine out to share, be warned that it could go fast though. <hiccup> :) Of course, bring any "choice beer" that you might like to drink as well. I'll probably buy a case or two of some cheap canned beer, and we'll have a variety of pop (or 'soda' depending on your roots), juice boxes, caprisuns, etc...

Age Limit

It's very simple; there is no age limit. So... Bring the kids! We are "kid people" and this party is as much for our kids as it is for us. There is no need to find a babysitter; please bring them with you! Our girls will all be up there enjoying the camp fire with us, and would love to have other kids to play with as well.

Each year, we have hay rides, hot dogs, marshmallows, s'mores, juice boxes, and lots of food. There will be tons of of stuff for them to do as well. We typically setup some tents and small slides to keep the little ones entertained. I must admit that our girls are very good hostesses. :) This is a very kid-safe event. Jennifer usually buys a whole bunch of glow sticks for the kids to keep around their necks, so they're very visible and can you see where they're going.

Time & Directions

The party usually starts around 8pm. We've had people show up earlier in the past, but it usually ends up that they stand around with nothing to do or get duties delegated to them. If you would like to come out earlier than 8pm, please be ready to lend a hand in some activities like setting out the food, starting the fire, stringing the lights through the woods, preparing parking signs, etc...

Actually, the more I think about it, coming earlier might be a good idea. :)
  • From Northeast Columbus: Jump on 161 east and follow it all the way to exit 146
    • 161 east magically turns into 16 east before Granville, so you never have to turn off of the main highway.
    • You can thank ODOT for that!
  • From Central Columbus: Follow I 70 east to SR 79 north. Take 79 north to 16 east. Get off @ exit 146.
    • SR 79 north magically turns into 16 east after Heath, so you never have to turn off of the main road.
    • You can thank ODOT for that too!
  • From Everywhere Else: Print your own directions by clicking the image below:

From exit 146

Once you've made it to the 146 exit, you will see a gas station to your right. You are literally 1/2 of a mile from the party.
  1. Turn right off of the exit ramp and pass the gas station
  2. Turn right onto Toboso Rd.
  3. Our farm is 1/4 mile down the road on the left.
You'll see signs...


The parking arrangements are as follows:
  1. Head up the driveway
  2. Turn left before the barn
  3. Turn right and go behind the barn
  4. Drive strait through the gate
  5. Keep driving until you see other cars
  6. Park beside a car

If those directions scare you, again, don't worry there will be signs.


Feel free to bring your tents! The last couple of years, nobody has ended up sleeping on the hill. If anybody does plan to camp, there is plenty of room. You can setup your site far enough from the bonfire if you decide to call it in early.

Hope to see you there!!

If I missed anything or if you have any questions, please email me: lucas at hardbarger dot com.

Thank you, Maxim, for some of the pictures above from last years event!
I stole them from your online album. :) Sorry you can't make it this year, I'll drink one for you.